Space Aliens (in space) is a comedy science fiction stop-motion animation series I plan to make,.

It will be a sort of sci-fi sit-com about some extraterrestrial-types whizzing around outer space in a slightly beat-up space ship.

It will have an overall 1970's aesthetic as can be seen in the inspiration images below.

The Characters:

There will be a main cast of three aliens, friends on a galactic "road" trip together, their design will be something like this:

except with fingers.

The Ship:

Will be beaten-up and scruffyt, like the old Dodge on the left but based in design more on "Starstreak" a custom-built motorhome from the 1970s, shown on the right:


See this Tumblr post for some more of my spaceship inspiration pictures.

With a 1970's inspired interior:


70s style props:


And overall 1970's aesthetic.

Here's some planning & sketches (click on images to view larger):


more here

The story:

As yet I have no idea of a story for it, I plan to start with some very short clips of everyday life on-board ship and then move to longer 'episodes' forming some kind of narrative.

How much I actually do remains to be seen, I'm an expert at having great ideas that go nowhere and not finishing what I started!

Some plot ideas I have include:

One of them getting lost in space, and the rest have to rescue them.

They build a racing spaceship and enter a competition.

These ideas are basically because of music I want to use in them...


which brings me to...

The Music:

I want to make really cool 1970's esque music - cool rock stuff - for it but I'm not very good at playing any instruments...

I want to make a theme tune that's like... Ziggy Stardust meets Doctor Who...