Will Draw For Food

Will Draw For Food is an irregularly updated collection of comics on no particular subject or theme, just whatever comes to mind.

I started throwing comics at the internet some time in 2009 on a crappy website called "KingRandom" that didn't work like a proper webcomic and was badly organised. In 2011 I realised that It wasn't working so I Googled webcomic hosts, found Comic Fury and created first a new "KingRandom" and then "Will Draw For Food" the comics on this site date back as far as 2010 (those dated 1st January 2011 are from before I started dating them on my old site) and a lot of them aren't very good and are a little embarassing (some times I think about deleting some, but I don't!) others are quite good.

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Some of my favourites (in no particular order):


Noel Fielding's Birthday

Christmas 2012

Superhero allergy advice

Some things never change